Ashtanga Yoga is an aerobic yoga system.
It synchronizes the breath (ujjiya pranayama) with movement into each pose (asanas) and brings heat (internal fire) for greater flexibility and strength. Aerobic stamina develops quickly. All the postures are linked to one another, with poise, control and by inhalation and exhalation. A calm, confident and centered approach results in increasingly relaxed and steady breathing.
Ashtanga Yoga practice improves the cardiovascular and the respiratory workings of the body from inside and out.
Finishing with deep relaxation (savasana) completes the cycle of postures. This variation enables one to conserve body heat. Breathing slows down and the mind quiets and one becomes peaceful and relaxed. This state is associated with calming alpha rhythms that issue from the mind and a reduced level of metabolism and blood pressure Heart and respiration slow down. One becomes calm, serene and peaceful.

Ashtanga Yoga is a method of purifying body and mind by awakening "inner fire". Yoga refers to any practice that purifies and strengthens the body and mind. In Ashtanga Yoga, the synchronization of movement with breath creates heat, or "internal fire" in the body, causing profuse perspiration and increasing circulation and flexibility.
By synchronizing breath with movement, the student brings body and mind into alignment, creating a context in which it is easier to move beyond physical and psychological barriers. Students maintain this internal strength throughout the practice.
The student practices "ujjiya pranayama" (breath control). The practice of "ujjiya" improves circulation, clears the entire throat and head area, stimulates the thyroid, and strengthens the heart, nerves and mind. When the breath is perfect, the "asanas" (poses) will become perfect.
The result is a slow-motion effect in which the student uses breath and strength to place the body without jarring. Movements become fluid and graceful in a system of entering, maintaining and exciting the "asanas".
Once the advanced series is correct, the body becomes perfectly balanced in breath flow and nerve activity.

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