Hatha Yoga is a holistic way of life
that benefits the whole body by keeping the body healthy and strong, the mind tranquil and at peace and the spirit enlightened and blissful.
The Yoga postures (asana) are a system for achieving longevity and a radiant health. They promote the energy flow throughout the nervous system and eliminate toxin in the joints, muscles and other parts of the body. It also benefits the glands by applying pressure and flushing internal organs.

Hatha Yoga teaches centeredness and awareness of the physical body. Certain bodily postures are associated with certain mental attitudes. Just as mental attitudes affect the body so also can bodily postures affect the mind.

Breathing (pranayama) is very important in Yoga. The breathing is done diaphragmatically using the lungs to there full capacity to strengthen and purify the lungs. Like any other muscle, the diaphragm suffers from stress. Yogic breathing relaxes the diaphragm and creates a state that is more calming physically, emotionally and mentally.

People with breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis or shallow breathing can be greatly improved through Yoga breathing.

Synchronized breathing with sequential movement prevents injury and focuses the mind. A calm, confident and centered approach results in even more relaxed and steady breathing.

Yoga is a physical meditation. Peace and serenity comes to all who meditate. When meditating there is a heightened energy vibration that broadens the unseen energy field which exists in and around the body.

The Yoga practice ends with relaxation (savasana). The body experiences a sensation of melting down, and an expansion of lightness and warmth. When all muscular tension is gone, a gentle calmness and peacefulness permeates the whole body.

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